Somehow, you've landed in the game and you have no idea what you're doing, so you visited this specific page.

But if you really need to look this page up just to play the game, you have problems, and we have the solution.

The Lobby

Hello, fellow adventurer...welcome to the lobby! It appears you've just spawned and if you haven't hit that "GO" button...c'mon! Give it a press!

After spawning, in front of you there are stairs followed by an intersection that has three paths.

The left path is the lobby shop, which contains character customization and all of the in-game hats.

The middle path has a tree with a fruit attached on it that serves no purpose what so ever (as of now).

If you're done exploring, take the right path! It's where your grand adventure starts!

The Console Room (the right path)

This room is the most IMPORTANT of them all, so pay attention, cadet!

Upon entering the room, you should see a server console with a green button on it. Just press it by highlighting it and pressing "E" on your keyboard, and optimize your room settings.

Once you're finished, you'll be transported to your very own room with another server console in it!

Your Own Room, and Other People's Rooms

To your left you'll find another console. On this console there's two buttons, green and red.

The green button with the exclamation mark imprinted on it will start your room and bring everyone in it to your chosen dungeon.

The red button will make you exit your room, along with everybody else if you're the host of the room.

After you have a desirable amount of people you can start your adventure by pressing the previously mentioned green button.

REMEMBER: If you don't want to make a room or your friend is hosting one, you can always join other people's rooms by pressing "E" on a room available to you.

Have fun playing!