• Laggyfunbum

    Just joined.

    March 27, 2018 by Laggyfunbum

    This isn't very important (and neither am I), but I just joined FANDOM! Pretty cool, right?


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  • CrazyBearTR

    Yo. Im CrazyB, and I need help in this game.

    You know, there are fruits in the game. You can get them by defeatig the bosses. I have a question on that. How to I drop my fruits?? I defeated the blue boss, but I cant get the fruit. It says "You already have 3 fruits!" or someyhin like that. I returned to the lobby, and went to check my chests slots. Blue one didnt opened... I need help on this. I defeated the boss, but didnt got the slot. I have the light blue thing, but not the fruit.

    • How to drop fruits?
    • How to open chest slots?
    • I killed the boss and got the bottle, but my chest slot didnt opened. Why?

    I need help on those. Developer, If you are reading this, please find a way to help me.

    I have 1 more question about making the hats;

    • How to I mak…

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  • Kbimbatti22

    How many hats will be added to the new update?

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