"I don't think it's even possible for anyone to appreciate Krilory's creations. 5ignature's hats are probably cooler, though not as creative." -Avi

What are hats?

Hats are neat things you stick on your head. They're useless, but people sure will attack you for rare hats!

Where can I get hats?

Hats can be found inside of the lobby's shop, secrets in a dungeon, and a block of foliage spawning as an equippable foliage hat with a 0.8% chance. By pressing "E," you can take this hat as long as you don't have one equipped already.

I already have a hat, and I can't pick up a new one that I want! How do I drop my old hat?

To drop the current hat you're wearing, hold "Q" and hover over the button "Hat."

How do I sell my hats for coins?

Wear the hat you want to sell, then go to that hat in the shop (you may have to scroll for a while) and inspect it by pressing "E." Once the GUI is done loading, there should be text that says "Sell yours," and below there is text that says "Price" with a bar that displays the number "10." In that bar, type how much you want to sell the hat for, and press enter while still having that bar selected. If somebody buys your hat, the vault will have a button that says "Get coins," and above that the amount of coins you have is displayed. Left-click that button, and the coins will go into your inventory!